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John Prats and Isabel Oli’s Inspiring Hawaiian Honeymoon Food Trip

John Prats and Isabel Oli’s Inspiring Hawaiian Honeymoon Food Trip

After their four seasons-themed wedding that was too cute for words, newlyweds John Prats and Isabel Oli continued to give us sweetness and kilig overload with their honeymoon photos. The dynamite couple jetted off to Hawaii a few days ago for some quality time, and more than checking out the sights, they’ve got their hands full with… Eating! Here are some of the drool-worthy food they indulged on:

Steak from Tiki’s Grill and Bar What diet? John and Isabel surely know how to enjoy good food—just take a look at this sumptuous plate of juicy steak with equally tantalizing sides.

Honolulu Coffee Co.’s Acai Bowl and Nutty Hawaiian Latte

A feel-good merienda that’s good for the body, too. The coffee-loving couple did not miss out on visiting this must-try spot.

Wolfgang Puck Express’ Yummy Barbeque Chicken Salad Isabel balances out all the carnivorous meals and sweet indulgences with greens.

Cheesecake… and more cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. John and Isabel also love cheesecake, sharing different varieties like this Oreo Cheesecake slice.


Now food trippin' like this should definitely be on every couple's (newlywed or not!) travel itinerary, because discovering new flavors is one of the best experiences you can share with your partner.




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