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Dining Delight: This Dollhouse-Like Resto Is Too Cute for Words

Dining Delight: This Dollhouse-Like Resto Is Too Cute for Words

Gone are the days when it's only great food that primarily urges customers to go gaga over a dining spot: The age of social media has taught us better than to just give in to our taste buds' cravings. Lusting over best-sellers and house specialties is fine, but a superb feasting experience in an out-of-the-box and Instagram-worthy backdrop is the dream.

Now that Valentine's day is coming up, are you still on the hunt for the place to impress your date while at the same time, take your #FeedGoals up a notch? Get ready to hit the road, because here's a feast for the eyes (and the tummy, of course!) waiting for you outside the Metro.

Introducing the Little Chalet: The Philippines’ very own version of the little houses prevalent in the Alpine region. Each of its six themed chalets will satisfy your wanderlust as they feature different continents around the world, and even has one VIP chalet representing the ultra popular destination that is Santorini.

While it's mostly mistaken as a kiddie playground because of its dollhouse-like structure, the Little Chalet is rather a mecca for foodies and #POTD game players.

Little Chalet is barely two months old but Rico Tolentino’s brainchild has already won a great deal of loyal customers and admirers because of its interesting concept, combined with a homey vibe and laidback ambiance. It's suitable for spur-of-the-moment food trips, fun chikahans with the barkada, and cozy dinners with your loved ones.

Customers have the option to enjoyably sit on the floor or to lounge in the VIP chalet and relish the traditional chairs-and-tables dining setting.


Apart from being a haven for latte aficionados, the diner also takes pride in its menu items made from fresh and organic ingredients—a healthier option for their young and young-at-heart regulars.

Must try: The pasta, because of its sauce made of fresh tomatoes, gives a rich taste that lingers in your mouth. Definitely treats you to a taste of Italy without breaking the bank. Skip the usual sweet Pinoy style spaghetti and try this one (The parmesan taste is very evident as well, mind you!). The perfectly done meatballs are deliciously chunkier and meatier than most so you'll probably find yourself asking for more. 


Must try: Never miss the cute and signature mini burgers of Little Chalet, which has juicy patties that pack in a burst of flavors. The fries on the side also makes the experience deliciously remarkable as it leaves a not-so-salty-and-greasy taste, just enough to give you a happy munchin’ memory.  


Must try: Sticking to its goal of having every dish as 'homemade' as possible, Little Chalet will convince those who have to cut on junk food to indulge on their potato crisps (the cheese dip is to die for, too!). Thanks to their fresh potato ingredient, people can now enjoy ‘cheat days’ without taking too much of a toll on one's health.


Never disappoint your date (and feed) ever again. Check this resto out and take pleasure in everything you find picture-perfect.


Little Chalet is located at Ground Floor, Robinson’s Mall, Malolos, Bulacan. Store is open from 10AM to 9PM. For inquiries, visit or their Facebook and Instagram page.


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Photographs from Anton Vincenz Tantoco




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