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The D Word: Dealing with a Man Who Only Gives a F*ck

The D Word: Dealing with a Man Who Only Gives a F*ck

You’ve only probably read it from a novel or heard it from a movie spiel. Now it’s all coming to life, your life as you hear him say these things. He says, he doesn’t make love. He says, he only f*cks… hard. How do you deal?

In the overly popular erotic romance novel 50 Shades of Grey, this premise might have been romanticized way too much. It showed that perhaps it’s okay to settle with mind-blowing sex and solely that, just as long as he’s Christian Grey kind of hot. But then, is it really?

Here are a few pointers to ponder on should you want to weigh when it’s okay and when it is not to engage with men who only want the f*ck and not the feelings:


Decide on your present wants and needs. Re-evaluating what your current desires and needs are would help you greatly when you’re faced with the dilemma of deciding if you want in with this kind of guy or not. Are you in the stage of your life where you feel like exploring more and approaching things with more openness? This might be a good chance for that. If however, you feel like your needs go way beyond more than some hot sex in bed, and you actually want something for the long haul, then proceed with caution. Better yet, don’t proceed at all.


Figure out how much you’re willing to take. Suppose you've already decided you want to get it on with the guy who only gives a f*ck in the literal and sexual context, you still have to evaluate how far you’re willing to go to fill that hole inside you. Sure, you want the action and adventure in bed. But what are the things are you willing to endure for that? Are you okay with being one of the five girls he f*cks with for the week or maybe even the second girl for the day? Think about that. 


Commit to your decision. When you decide to go all in, when you decide to put good sex before emotions, so many things can go sideways. One can fall for the other, more people can enter the picture, and it can seriously get messy. Remind that this was your decision, you knew what you were getting into, and that you’re a grownup who can stand by that decision and accept all that comes with it.


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