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The Six Fix: Signs You’re a Weekend Lovin’ Warrior

The Six Fix: Signs You’re a Weekend Lovin’ Warrior

You don’t at first recognize it, but somehow you find yourself becoming a pro weekend lover and planner. This and other signs to tell you’ve become a true weekend warrior.


1. Your weekend actually starts on a Friday night. No, Saturday and Sunday aren’t your only weekends. You’ve reinvented your calendar and Friday happens to be a weekend, too. At least, in your vocabulary.


2. You know what’s hip and happening and where. It’s only Monday or probably midweek, but you already have the first dibs on what’s happening this Saturday night per area. All you have to do is to choose—is it going to be that rave party to see the hottest DJ spin his dance-chedelic tunes? Is it the opening screening of this film you’ve long waited for? Or is it that intimate acoustic session in a semi-secret pocket venue? What’s it going to be?


3. You have a message thread with friends about weekend plans. Okay, that might sound a bit limiting. Of course these are your friends and you talk to them about everything, but somehow, you find your conversations becoming more about what to do over the weekend or where to eat or who has invites to certain events. Carry on, you know weekends are made for parties and friends.


4. You have certain outfits readily planned for the next big hangout. When you shop for clothes, you shop with the weekend events in mind. Whether it’s for a music festival, an outdoor cinema date or an EDM concert, your fashion getup readily awaits.


5. You develop to be a professional planner. Table reservations? Check. Guest list submissions? Check. Waze directions? Check. Everything just falls into place naturally because well, there’s reward in advance planning.


6. You get the weekend “itch.” If there’s wanderlust for travel, there’s the weekend itch for, well, weekends. Much like the gusto when someone shouts “This is Sparta,” you have this inner drive to just leave it all behind for a while and party the weekend away. That includes finishing this read, shutting down your laptop, and getting your weekend swag on.


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