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#ThisModernLove: Tricia Gosingtian on Traveling From Solo to Duo

#ThisModernLove: Tricia Gosingtian on Traveling From Solo to Duo

Fashion blogger and jet setter Tricia Gosingtian traveled about 10 times just last year. As a frequent traveler, she reveals her most trusted practices that you, too, can apply for that easy-peasy, hassle-free travels—whether you’re solo or coupled up.

Read on for Tricia’s travel notes…


On navigating your way around. "Always try to find a way to turn on your mobile data so you have Google maps. Google maps will save you, promise. There’s pocket wifi that you can rent sa mga airports so you have to read up on that. Sometimes when you’re already in a certain place, if you’re traveling solo, parang travel guides won’t mention certain hole in the wall places. And it’s only when you turn on the Internet and read actual accounts on blogs na parang 'Oh my god, parang may sobra palang sikat na restaurant here or café. That’s why when I travel solo, I always try to turn on my data."


On doing your research, research, and really—more research. "The thing about traveling alone is that you can do leisure travels at your own pace, but you have to research also about safety. For example, if I go to this area, what are the implications? Baka mamaya pala, medyo shady siya na area.

Research on the weather. Know what to wear. As a fashion blogger, I need to research whatever the temperature is.

Research about reviews online. It’s so useful to have TripAdvisor and Agoda, and Always check review sites on certain accommodations kasi sometimes parang it’s totally different on the press release. Then when you actually get there, it’s like underwhelming. On the other hand, there are places na di siya masyado maganda on the official photos, but when you get there, 'Oh my God, ang ganda talaga.'"


On knowing the risks. "The risks of traveling alone, and traveling in general. Be extra alert."


On packing light and mixing it up. "I actually don’t over pack. For example, if I’m there five days, I don’t necessarily bring five different outfits. Sometimes, one or two I would repeat. I pack for each place. I would pack basic items that I can coordinate with other pieces. Like for example, plain tops or pants that I can match with everything that I brought with me. So that’s why it’s important to have the basic stuff: Denim pants, black sweater, etc."


On being one OC, happy planner. "As a frequent traveler, sobrang OC ako. Like I’m always the one making the itinerary, I have fun. I have like a certain area that I want to go to, and then I research on the hole in the wall places and then the normal touristy places naman."


On following the itinerary and making necessary adjustments. "If you’re a solo traveler, you can follow your itinerary seamlessly. But if you’re traveling with other people, you have to learn how to adjust kasi 'di naman kung ano lang ‘yung gusto mo ‘yun masusunod diba. For family trips, di naman ako nagagalit. Just be laidback about it and don’t take things personally. Nagkakainisan talaga mga tao when they’re traveling, that’s when you really get to know a person."


On letting the fiancé take over couple travel plans. Tricia may take great joy in planning but it has been revealed that her long-time boyfriend turned fiancé RG Gabunada also does his fair share of planning. RG shares, “Road trips and day trip, it’s me planning. It’s not too detailed kasi you also try to be aware of how she feels. Or what the mood or the situation calls for. You have to be flexible. Pero in general, you go for a certain goal na 'Oh, we have to see this place.' And then maybe work around the schedule around that venue." Tricia adds, "If we don’t get to finish everything agad, we can always go there again. The important part of traveling is having fun together."


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Photograph by Vyn Radovan / Shot on location at Studio Fort, A Space Manila




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