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The Six Fix: Here's How You Can Celebrate Singlehood on Valentine's Day!

The Six Fix: Here's How You Can Celebrate Singlehood on Valentine's Day!

Nostalgia hits you hard as you listen to your favorite love song. While everyone’s shouting out their excitement about February 14, there you are, still hung up on the one who used to make it special—you've just gone from being a hopeless romantic to being a staunch supporter of team #WalangForever

Snap out of it, pal! Skip the crying-your-heart-out part and make your hugot work to your advantage. Here are six ways to make Valentine's Day YOUR DAY:


1. Spoken Word cafés are your best pal. Remember the time you cried yourself to sleep and the countless boxes of tissue you binge-cried on over Juan Miguel Severo’s poems? Double that hugot experience by listening to him or other spoken word artists live. No one will judge you, swear. Everyone’s here for a reason. And their reason may be as painful as yours.

Try: Sev's Cafe is at Basement, Legaspi Tower, Ocampo Street, Malate, Manila


2. Attend gardening classes. Not your usual thing, no? Still, try. Because plants need your TLC all the time. And if you get one, it won’t stop you even if you shower it with too much attention because they badly want it. Unlike him who said he needed ‘space’. Yes dude, enjoy your space!

Try: Check out event calendar or email them about their next workshop session.


3. Hit the road. Because every couple you know is busy cuddling and posting photos of how great their date is. So leave the #humblebrag and #feelingblessed posts to them, and indulge on discovering new places, learning new languages, and meeting new people to whet your appetite for the world and its wonders.

Try: Visit Sira-An hot spring in Tibiao, Antique if you seek relaxation. Their Kawa Hot Bath is a must!


4. Watch power girl flicks.  Unleash your inner superwoman. From Legally Blonde to Mulan, you go girl! Who says you need someone else besides yourself to see your worth and to fuel your desire to become a better person?


5. Speed dating. Consider this: They only have their partners to date on Valentine's (and it’s obligatory, yes). But you? You can choose who you want to be with. Plus, there’s no pressure in making it work out. Just have fun.

Try: Check out Telu Events for the schedule of their next speed dating event.


6. Pamper yourself. Back then, primping was all about wanting to impress someone. But today, you should go treat yourself like a queen because you deserve it. Period. And if loving yourself is not enough reason to celebrate Valentine's, we don’t know what else is.

Try: Indulge in a massage or a mani-pedi session, or a full-on makeover for maximum impact.


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