The Six Fix: Sexy Home Items to Turn Up the Heat

The Six Fix: Sexy Home Items to Turn Up the Heat

Instead of the usuals like flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears for Valentine's this year, why not give your better half something that will get him/her in the mood for romance everyday? These gift ideas will make his/her every moment a little sweeter and sexier, trust us:


1. Pillow and blankets. Best for: Sleepless or sleepy partners. Tip: Spray your scent on the pillow for sweeter dreams and to make him/her remember you more often.


2. Lampshade. Best for: Workaholic partners. Tip: Buy a plain lampshade and design it with his/her favorite character or memento to add a personal touch.


3. Umbrella. Best for: Partners on-the-go. Tip: Give her a uniquely shaped umbrella like the crimson heart umbrella to make her stand out from the crowd and literally place a heart (consider it yours!) in her hands.


4. Candle holder. Best for: Art lovers and designers. Perfect for: Romantic dates. Tip: Set up a candlelit dinner every once in a while, even without any occasion on the horizon, to keep the fire in your relationship ablaze.


5. Bathroom surprise. Best for: Married couples. Tip: Surprise your spouse by putting up shower or bathtub in your bathroom and/or giving him/her a special spa treatment only you can offer.


6. Loveseat. Perfect for: Cuddle moments and movie marathons. Tip: Buy this piece of furniture with your partner so you two can choose one in the design and color that's in harmony with your tastes and feels.


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Photographs from: (crimson heart umbrella), (loveseat), and (pillows)




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