Miss APPdated: 7 Apps Guaranteed to Keep Couples Closer and Sweeter

Miss APPdated: 7 Apps  Guaranteed to Keep Couples Closer and Sweeter

Isn't it annoying when your partner spends more time with his/her gadget than with you? But admit it, you might actually be guilty of that, too. Want to make the most out of your precious time with your special someone but just couldn't take the whole digital world out of the equation? Here are some apps you can install on your phone or tablet and your partner's that can help you get closer to your #relationshipgoals:


SIMPLY US. This is a simple and private place to organize you and your partner's to-do lists, schedules, groceries, reminders, etc. You two will be reminded of important dates and tasks and will be updated on each other's schedules. Best for: Workaholic couples who have a hard time arranging a date.



ICEBREAK FOR COUPLES. Aside from private sharing of sketches, messages, and photos with your loved one, this app offers ice breaker questions that could help you two know each other more. Best for: Newlyweds and young couples who want to discover something new about their partner.


KOUPLY. This app offers personalized activity suggestions and private timeline where yuou can record your moments together. It also features a gameplay where you can send your partner points when he/she does something that touched your heart. You can now let your partner know how he/she made you feel after a surprise or a date. Best for: game-lovers who want to apply reward system like most gaming apps.


KINDU. This app developed by a group of doctors helps couples discover and understand their partner’s desire through a series of humorous questions. Best for: Couples married for years and want to spice up their sex life.


FIX A FIGHT. This app will help you and your partner to gauge each other’s emotions after a fight and will give the two of you have a chance to patch it up through the advices from Mark McGonigle, LCSW, a known marital consultant in Kansas City. Best for: new couples who still do not know how to handle their partner during a fight.


THEATRE™. It is designed for synchronized viewing of videos that lets people watch the same movie at the same time. Best for: Long distance couples who want to spend movie nights together.


AVOCADO. This app doesn’t just let you and your loved one send private messages to each other, have a shared media gallery, document and recall your date memories, and make synchronized calendar and lists; it also allow you to send him/her a hug when you hold your phone to your chest, and a kiss when you tap a photo. Best for: All couples who want to share every moment with their partner.


Have you tried these apps? Let us know how it worked for you and your partner by commenting on the box below!


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