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Daily Diaries: How Daddy's Love Can Trump Romantic Love

Daily Diaries: How Daddy's Love Can Trump Romantic Love

If there are goals for relationships, squads, and ootds, Doug is definitely the true example of #dadgoals. Aside from being the adorable dad that he is as seen on their Facebook page Teamkramerfive, his being awesomesauce became more evident when he took his youngest daughter Scarlett out for a “real date.”

In the photo Doug posted of him and Scarlett on January 28, he said, “Tonight is so special! Why? It's papa and Scarlett's first date together! Her smile explains everything! It's never too early to show my girls how a real man should treat a girl. I love you Scarlett!” Now, all we could think of is, why aren’t more dads taking their daughters out for a date? Not only it is fun, but like Doug’s intention, it also helps the daughter tell the good guys apart. Here are more pros to letting your dad take you out:


More UBE with dad, as in Ultimate Bonding Experience. Sometimes you get too preoccupied with work and all that you just forget to spend some quality time with your parents, let alone with your dad. And this is certainly why it’s a good opportunity.


You continuously get to know your dad more. You may think you know your dad so well already but each shared moment can always reveal something new.


You gain more knowledge about men. Considering your dad would walk you through about how men were during their prime, and how you’d ask him about men today, you’d certainly discover a lot about them. And not just about how they behave, but more so, about how you would want men to behave around you.


You’re reminded of your worth. Because your father is the first man who loved you, you can be well assured that having his presence around would remind you of your worth again, in any case you started doubting it. And when you do, you realize there’s no time you’d waste putting up with people who give you less.


Now you certainly don’t have to wait for your dad’s invitation. If you’re reading this, we think you’re a little grown up now to make the first move and ask your dad out. 


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Photograph from Team Kramer's official Facebook page




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