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The Six Fix: Ways to Show Your Love for the Ones Who Go Above and Beyond for You

The Six Fix: Ways to Show Your Love for the Ones Who Go Above and Beyond for You

Admit it, your household help or your yayas are easily the ones who get taken for granted on a daily basis. While they do the house chores as part of their job, the genuine caring and offering of service go far beyond than any monetary payment can ever suffice. So today, why not take an extra moment to appreciate them, and learn to love them better?


1. Notice the good things. When you’re in a rush on your way to work or to the office, it’s rather a challenging task to slow down and take notice, not just of things—but the good things. Are the floors shinier today than they were last week? Do you have packed food ready for the taking? These are simple things that make anyone’s day better. And it wouldn’t take much of your time to return the favor, really.


2. Instill in you a sense of gratitude. Once you make it a habit to notice the good things, you develop in you a positive outlook which easily leads to a sense of gratitude. When you instill in you a sense of gratitude, it’s easier to lose the self-entitlement issues that everyone faces from time to time. Thus, making you appreciate your yayas better.


3. Say thank you… It’s one thing to just blurt out the words every so often because you’re fortunate to have been brought up that way. Meaning it all the time, expressing it genuinely though, is another thing.


4. And mean it. Look at your yaya’s eyes (no matter how cheesy that may sound) or hold her hand and tell her “thank you”. It might be the only thing she needs to hear to keep going. 


5. Repay the service of love. Clearly we don’t mean repaying with money although if you feel like being generous with a salary raise then you can always do that. The best way to repay someone (and this is almost applicable to all) is to get to know them and learn about the kind of joy you can help bring into their life. Is she a Vilmanian? Maybe you can send her to see Ate V’s new movie. Is she the kikay type? How about you take her with you on your next trip to the salon. Little things like that matter.


6. Treat them like family. When you see them as a valuable addition to the family and not as household staff or service crew, the way you treat them changes quickly. You begin to consider their feelings, their convenience, their health, and overall being. You slowly learn to care for them like you would for a sister or any relative. So yes, treat them like family because if they care so much about you, then they might as well be. 


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