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Daily Diaries: How Do You Make High School Love Survive?

Daily Diaries: How Do You Make High School Love Survive?

Remember the time when you exchanged secretive glances under the nose of your watchful teacher? Or those whispered sweet nothings and promises of forever? You were young, reckless, and in love.

Then the idea of your upcoming graduation suddenly hits you like a truck.  You think maybe, there’s more to life than belonging in someone else’s arms.

Can your high school love survive or will the great big world eventually drift you apart?

Meet Celeste, 22. The love bug caught her at the tender age of 16, around the time when she’s about to march down the graduation aisle. Yet after six years of selosans and tampuhans, she and her babs managed to keep the love kicking and alive. No gayumas or weird mantras involved, just these four things that saved their relationship from those little bumps along the road:


“Don’t pressure yourself to have a mature relationship.” Dealing with accusing looks, murmurs, and people setting the expiration date of your ‘young fling’ is inevitable. You’re innocent so what do you know about lasting commitment? But forcing yourself to act more grown up to prove them wrong doesn’t help. You’re young so act like you are. Growing up is a process. Don’t skip the journey, enjoy the long ride and you’ll get there before you know it. Never mind all the hate.


“Set your goals and know your priorities.” From graduating to getting your first job. From turo-turo to fine dining restaurants. Build your dreams together and achieve them one by one. Share a deeper bond by having goals bigger than your fears. Knowing that you’ll be part of each other’s future is a sign that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level. Don't be stuck in the bahala na stage.


“Be open to changes.” Real life is way bigger than the four corners of your high school compound. You’ll meet different people and develop new perspectives about life. Perhaps, you’ll be unrecognizable five to 10 years from now. Don’t stress yourself out if he’s not the same person that you said yes to. If the love is still there, there's no reason to let go.


“Fill each other’s cup, but don’t drink from one cup.” Be partners rather than each other’s better half. Before wearing the girlfriend-boyfriend hat, make sure you won’t depend your life and happiness on one another. Have your own identity instead of being branded as someone’s girl. Having fun without his presence doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means that you have life outside your sweet little world.


High school love’s kilig doesn’t have to end the moment you step out of your alma mater. The permanence of your relationship depends upon your choice, so better make a good one. 


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