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#ThisModernLove: The Art of Styling Your Special Someone, According to Kryz Uy and Slater Young

#ThisModernLove: The Art of Styling Your Special Someone, According to Kryz Uy and Slater Young

She’s one of the most followed and idolized Filipina fashion and lifestyle bloggers. He’s currently focused on his CEO duties in a Cebu-based construction firm, but dabbles in showbusiness from time to time (he was a Pinoy Big Brother Big Winner, after all). She’s an uber stylish dresser, he prefers sticking to the basics. Kryz Uy and Slater Young may seem poles apart on paper, but one look at them and you’ll know that they couldn’t be any more perfect for each other: A fun healthy partnership that thrives on lots of love and mutual supportwith him even starring in a couple of her YouTube videos, and her helping him in the fashion department!

“When we first started dating, he made me style him so we went shopping—his mind is really focused on business and he has a lot of decisions to make everyday so he doesn’t want to be bothered by thinking of what to wear in the morning,” recalls Kryz, who’s known for her effortlessly sophisticated style. Slater’s request back then? To look professional and smart, yet cute, so Kryz went for buttondown polos, which she finds makes him look more gwapo. “I actually really like his style—he doesn’t try too hard, he’s not too fasyon, but just right… clean, fresh, simple.”

Kryz and Slater in crisp white ensembles aboard a yacht in Dubai.


They arrive in our shoot location looking just that—clean, fresh, simple—both in light-colored outfits, hers an oversized buttondown for that laidback chic vibe, his a relaxed shirt layered underneath a knit cardigan. Osmosis perhaps? Or just a reflection of their core personalities: Smart, no nonsense, and classy without having to even try. “Dressing up according to your personality is really important—for example me, I’m more relaxed; Kryz puts more effort since she’s a blogger and has to do OOTDs so she has to look good all the time,” notes Slater. Their sweet compromise? Her helping him stick to and maximize his basics so he always looks polished.

“I noticed he’s slowly gravitating towards things that I find attractive,” Kryz says of how she has influenced Slater. But, she admits, “I also feel my style has been affected by his laidback vibe—in Cebu I’m almost always in basics!” Seems like just as love is a two-way street for these two, so is style: Both nourished by openness to one another and a penchant for staying true to who they are no matter the pressure of this fast moving, social media crazy world we live in.

The couple looking snazzy in formalwear at a wedding they attended recently.


Here are Kryz’s tips on how you can help boost your man’s style: 

1. "Try to find a compromise. Make sure he likes the look just as much as you do so he doesn’t feel uncomfortable the whole day."

2. "If you’re both unsure of what style he might like, try showing him your man-style crushes and see which one he likes best. Go from there."

3. "I personally like clean and simple looks for men better than edgy or too fashionable ones. So I do a maximum of two layers for tropical weather and three for chilly weather."

4. "Styling doesn’t end in clothes. Grooming is very much part of it. Drop hints about how you like him to clean up 'You look so sexy with a little stubble' or what I personally use 'Ouccchh your beard is so painful on my skin!' *laughs* or 'You smell sooo good tonight, what is that? Shaving cream?'"

5. "Gift him some grooming supplies and try it on with him so it doesn’t end up in the shelf that sees no light. He will probably have so much fun with you trying it on for him that he’ll end up thinking of you every time he uses the products!"


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Photographs by Vyn Radovan and from and / Shot on location at The Gallery, ASpace Makati




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