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Daily Diaries: When Baristas Unite for the Love of Coffee

Daily Diaries: When Baristas Unite for the Love of Coffee

A few days ago, a news story broke about how one woman allegedly found a dead mouse inside her drink which she ordered from a famous coffee chain. Whether or not the claim was true which has yet to be proven by ongoing investigations, one thing that’s worth-noticing is the way the baristas and even coffee enthusiasts alike come together to defend—not just the brand, but more so, the craft and the integrity of the job.

Some baristas rallied on and changed their profile photos to the Starbucks logo with captions expressing how they are proud employees, otherwise known as “partners” of the said company. Some even went as far as answering the woman’s claim point by point like the humorous Facebook post that went viral written by a former Starbucks partner named Marco Calibara.



A Facebook user also noted how the company behind Starbucks has treated old and new employees well to even come to their defense when they have already switched jobs.



Other coffee enthusiasts, however, joined in on the discussion by spreading laughter instead when they made funny remarks ("Bubwit Got Talent", and "Laglag Daga Gang" were among the funniest ones) about the mouse's talent to escape the hi-powered blender by dying in one piece. 

Whether it was the company treating their employees right or the accusation that seemed to have more plotholes in it, one thing is clear: the coffee experience binds people together; and that has always been a good thing. 


What do you think about this mouse incident? let us know in the comments below!


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