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The Six Fix: Makati Lovin'—Photo Exhibit Showcases How People of All Ages Love This Concrete Jungle

The Six Fix: Makati Lovin'—Photo Exhibit Showcases How People of All Ages Love This Concrete Jungle

As with any resident of any city, Makati locals will have a variety of reasons to share about what they love most in the central business hub. Some say that they feel safe in Makati, while others love how the city enriches their passion. Whatever their reason may be, they are all part of the puzzle that showcase why Makati is a city that is dear to people from all walks of life.

In documentary photographer Xyza Bacani’s  photo exhibit Humans of Makati, she aims to tell the stories of these people and their love affair with the city. From the common taxi driver, the entrepreneur, to the CEO, Xyza captures in her images the various ways love is manifested through her subjects.

Whether it is love for their special someone, or love for their career, or self-love, every single personality has a tale to tell on how Makati's idiosyncrasies has made them love the city more. “The stories are very relatable, and in a subtle way, they are all connected,” Xyza says.

Out of the 32 personalities she profiled and photographed for the series, here are six stories that caught our attention:


1. Makati High School students Christine, Irene, Rochelle, and Regina

They would often roam around Makati after school, and Christine, Irene, Rochelle, and Regina feel comfortable, even if they would go home late or get stuck out because of the rain. “We don’t mind walking around Makati, we feel safe,” they said in Xyza’s profile of them.


2. Photographer Eunice Sanches

As an artist, it is important for Eunice to have people who has the same passion as her. “I’ve been hanging out here in Makati a lot, it’s nice to be surrounded by people that I love,” Eunice says.


3. Students Patrick and Hana

Joking about their current status in Xyza’s profile, Patrick and Hana explained that they like Makati because it has an environment that is conducive to learning as students.


4. Your Local chef and proprietor Denny Antonio

For Denny, what encouraged him to open a restaurant in Makati despite the difficulties of maintaining a business, is its neighborhood. “[Makati] allows us to be more playful and adventurous with our food,” Denny notes.


5. 12/10 Restaurant Owners Thea and Gab

Both hands on restaurateurs, Thea and Gab view their art through food as their life, and they like how Makati fits their lifestyle. “We fell in love with Makati because it’s very raw.  Life is here,” they share.


6. Entrepeneur Mae Grace

Mae Grace like the positive vibes Makati brings to her. “Makati is like Hello Kitty, it’s happy and fun,” she says.


You can catch the Humans of Makati Photo exhibit at the Ayala Triangle Gardens until February 12. 


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Photographs by Xyza Bacani.




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