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Workout Wisdom: Beat Cellulite to a Pulp

Workout Wisdom: Beat Cellulite to a Pulp


The real deal about cellulite: Everybody gets it, it’s just a matter of how much or how little. It is possible to minimize its appearance, though, notes celebrity dermatologist Dr. Aivee Teo, fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society. “You can avoid having too much cellulite but it requires a healthy lifestyle, coupled with exercise that promotes better blood circulation. Quitting smoking is also advised to prevent cellulite formation.” Dr. Teo enumerates how to manage the controllable factors that affect the formation of cellulite in the body—hormones and genetics you can’t do much about so focus on these instead—take note of them for your get sexy game plan:

Diet - Avoid: Too much fat, carbohydrates, or salt (processed food et al) / Load up on: Fiber (cereals, oats)

Lifestyle – Avoid: Smoking, not having regular exercise or physical activity, and staying (standing or sitting) in one position for long periods of time

Clothing – Avoid: Underwear with tight elastics across the buttocks. These limit blood flow and may contribute to the formation of cellulite.  

There are a gamut of ways to get rid of cellulite that’s out in the market, so whether you prefer topical creams, or lasers, radiofrequency, and sound wave machines, you’ll definitely find one for you. Losing weight would help, but only if you are overweight—a generally healthy lifestyle is still the best way to go.


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