Design Tips: Here's How You Can Transform Your Place Into the Ideal Backdrop for A Romantic Date

Design Tips: Here's How You Can Transform Your Place Into the Ideal Backdrop for A Romantic Date

Though red is still the color that's top of mind when it comes to love, there are actually a whole lot of other hues you can consider, should you want to redesign your love nest with your special someone. For example, by playing with neutral colors, combined with accent shades of blue, you'll be able to transform your space into one that will be appreciated by both you and your man—sleek and cozy, nothing frilly but still classy and represents the kind of love you have, one that's quiet but certain and steadfast.

The use of blue represents a love that's understanding and tranquil, yet powerful and serious at the same time. Pair it with white, black, and grey, colors that emit sophistication, and you have a color palette fit for power couples living together under one roof. A good illustration of this is this mood board by interior designer April Gaspar, which was actually inspired by Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach’s winning blue gown.

Gaspar's mood board for her Pia-inspired suite.


For starters, Gaspar's mood board showcases a sexy bar area where you and your partner can have a different kind of dinner, one that's more relaxed and more intimate without the formalities of a usual table setup separating you from each other. Even with its out-of-the-box quality, you'll still be enticed to get all dressed up in your best OOTD because of its smart and contemporary style. The overall vibe of this classy and elegant setup is fitting for those who want something laidback yet personal at the same time for Valentines' day.

After a lovely dinner, make the most out of the four poster bed Gaspar suggested in her mood board: Wind down, cuddle, and enjoy every moment in each other's arms.


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Mood board from IDr. April Gaspar / Banner illustration by Jana Jimenez




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