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The Six Fix: Mood Boosters for When You Feel a Little Loveless

The Six Fix: Mood Boosters for When You Feel a Little Loveless

You know there are days when you just wake up and for some unknown reason, you feel off. You’re a bit crankier, your moods swing worse than a pendulum, and you just can’t seem to snap out of it. Here are things you can intentionally do to end the day on a right note and with a little more lovin’ in your heart—because even if you got up on the wrong side of the bed feeling a little loveless, it doesn't have to stay that way the whole day:


1. Hydrate. Do not underestimate the liquids you need in your body. Sometimes, you really just need to have enough to keep you hydrated. Because when you’re hydrated, it’s also a lot easier to keep your cool, too.


2. Stop and smell the flowers. Okay, perhaps that sounds a bit too cliché. But really, being more mindful about your senses and how they work might make you more appreciative of your surroundings.


3. Have a break, have a quick chat. No, you don’t have to stuff yourself with chocolates just to justify having a break. What you can do though, is to find new people every day you can bother for a quick chat. They don’t have to look interesting just as long as you keep the openness to hear their stories. Often, it’s the stories that make a person interesting after all.


4. Eat clean. Too much processed food and all its chemicals do something to your body. When you eat clean, perhaps loading up on fruits and vegetables, you just feel light and a little more refreshed.


5. Curate your own music. Thanks to technology—these days, you can create a music playlist as easy as copy and paste. Whether you’re an audiophile or not, you know there are good songs to help get your mood right. Is it Justin Bieber? Backstreet Boys? Fear no judgment and just indulge. 


6. Have a love stash. By that, we just mean a small storage of anything that inspires you. It doesn’t have to be an actual box of keepsakes you definitely wouldn’t carry around with you. It can be a virtual storage or a dump of some sort that you can revisit when you feel a little sappy. Is it that old photo with your high school friends? Is it that nostalgic movie poster? Is it an old letter from an ex-lover? Just put it all together and see how fast it changes your mood from gloom to good.


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