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The Six Fix: Here’s Why You Should Cheer Up Despite Your ‘Just Friends’ Status

The Six Fix: Here’s Why You Should Cheer Up Despite Your ‘Just Friends’ Status

“Friends lang tayo.”

So much hurt, right? But instead of mourning over your ‘just friends’ status, here are six good reasons to pull yourself together and be a friendzoned survivor like a pro:


1. He made it clear. And that’s a good sign. What ifs and what could’ve beens intensify the waves of despair. Don’t hate him for being candid. At least he’s man enough to let you know and let you go. Besides, it’s easier to move on when it’s clear that you have nothing to hold on to, right?


2. You made it hard for him, too. Give him a break, pal. Trying to spit it out without shattering your heart into pieces is impossible. Thing is, breaking someone's heart is never easy. He appreciates your friendship but that’s all he has to offer.


3. Learn from your mistakes. Expecting him to do boyfriend duties, being insanely jealous, and having attachment issuesyou’re overstepping your boundaries, girl.  Why would he choose a nagging girlfriend in the making? Play it cool and give him space.  Highlight your girlfriend material traits instead of scaring him off with your demands.


4. You have one good reason to give yourself a much-needed makeover. Flaunt a new ‘do, pamper yourself with a spa day, and buy that dress! You’ve been dissing the idea of a makeover until you found the thought of making him regret enticing. Serve him the sweetest revenge by staying fab even if you’re hurting inside. Sigh.


5. Friendships last longer than most relationships. Maybe you were never meant to be together in the first place. And that’s okay. Just because you cannot get the boyfriend-girlfriend label, doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy each other’s company. Who knows what’s in store for your budding friendship?


6. You deserve someone better. Getting the person you want is not the goal. Overcoming heartache is. The person who made you cry also made you stronger and that will never be a bad thing. After his rejection, you’re now being directed to the one you’re supposed to be with.


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