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ICYMI: Why Queen P Is Arguably the Most Loved Miss Universe in History

ICYMI: Why Queen P Is Arguably the Most Loved Miss Universe in History

Calling Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach the “most loved and popular Miss Universe” may be a big and bold statement, but we do think this is befitting of her. One can credit her popularity to her overall demeanor—her bubbly personality, wit, street smarts, and kind heart. Others credit the fact that she is well-loved by practically everyone.

Upon bagging the Miss Universe crown, hastags such as #PiaWurtzbach, #MissUniverse2015, #ConfidentlyBeautiful, and #PiaTom trended on Twitter and Facebook. Beyond social media, Pia has been talked about on TV and radio shows all over the world, such as Good Morning America, Sway in the Morning, and even The Steve Harvey Show. People have loads of good things to say about Pia, applauding her class act following Harvey's annoucement mishap, and candid moments during her interviews, which include singing on-cam.

Her week-long homecoming to the Philippines served to prove this point even further, as the whole metro patiently sucked up the traffic situation to make way for her parade, among others. Here are three strong reasons why we think Pia is the most loved Miss Universe:


A lot of Filipinos can relate to her life story. Pia embodies the plight of every Filipino not just in terms of her preparation and perseverance towards winning the crown, but also the struggles she went through in her early days. After her parents separated, she became her family’s breadwinner, starting her career as a young actress under Star Magic. Prior to attending culinary school and working as a writer and stylist, she had to juggle between acting and her studies to be able to provide for her mom and sister. She did all these with grace even when she would be teased "Piazilla" in school because of her height.

Us Filipinos have a soft spot for underdogs, and Pia, albeit a pageant favorite, was an underdog through and through what with everything she needed to over come in order to get to where she wanted to be. It did not matter to her if naysayers think she was "trying hard" because she joined Binibining Pilipinas three times; again and again, she proved her critics wrong. Her persistence earned her respect from all of the past Binibining Pilipinas winners present during her homecoming special. 

Past Binibining Pilipinas winners are all praises for Pia, and as Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2009 Bianca Manalo puts it, “Hangga’t mangarap ka at hindi ka tumigil, makakamit mo rin ang pangarap mo.”  

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Her endearing, social media persona. Pia is a social media star in her own right, from her takeover of the Miss Universe Facebook page prior to the competition night, to her Twitter chat session on her personal Twitter account, she just keeps on growing and growing her fan base. As an avid social media user herself, she would personally answer the questions her fans, whether Filipinos or foreigners, would ask. Be it her favorite meal to cook or her favorite Drake song, Pia is game to answer them, even making an effort to shoot video interviews for some.

With Pia's ability to engage people on social media, it did not come to a surprise that aside from winning the Miss Universe crown, she consistently topped the Miss Universe Global Fan Vote during the pageant's live telecast. 

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Pia’s globally-loved personality. Aside from being loved by Filipinos, even her fellow candidates love her so much. Miss Malaysia Vanessa Tei even had her message for Pia, stating that she is among one of the friendliest candidates during the pageant. Tei added that she loved Pia not just for her beauty, but also for her sense of humor and her bubbly personality. Aside from Tei and Miss USA Olivia Jordan, Pia shared that she is close to a number of candidates, a testament to Pia’s congenial personality, which she has developed through the years as an actress, model, and daughter.

Beyond the Miss Universe candidates and past Bb. Pilipinas winners, Pia also has a massive fan base in the LGBT community. In fact, during her homecoming special, the LGBT community was a strong presence inside Araneta Coliseum, with some of them channeling their inner Miss Universe, from the gown to the crown. Pia elicited more praises from the crowd after stating that she will continue to support the LGBT community, even after her reign as Miss Universe.


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