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Jessy Mendiola, Ariella Arida, Marina Benipayo, and Erika Padilla Share Why They're #ProudToBeMe

Jessy Mendiola, Ariella Arida, Marina Benipayo, and Erika Padilla Share Why They're #ProudToBeMe

Jessy Mendiola, actress

On Vice Ganda’s #ProudtobeMe selfie: “I think it was very brave and genuine of him. He just showed his true self without hurting anyone else. He showed that you could help others just by being yourself.”

On beauty: “I always get asked about my real take on beauty. The thing is beauty starts when you show your real self—your flaws, your strengths. We are all beautiful. We have different personalities and I think that’s what makes each person special. When you become yourself everything else follows. You become happy and contented, it will show. I believe happy people are the most beautiful ones. How can you argue with a smile? Or even a laugh?”

Ariella Arida, Miss Universe Philippines 2013

On Vice Ganda’s #ProudtobeMe selfie:“It was so brave of him to do that, not everyone has the courage to post their au naturel face especially in this industry where people are used to seeing you being made up all the time. I must say I super liked what he did—it can be a start that people will love you not only because of your looks but also because of your talents, skills, and nice personality. I hope this can also be applied to beauty queens: We’re stereotyped as women who hide behind full makeup, but I hope they also understand that it’s just for the pageant and in reality, we embrace life much better without having too much foundation on.”

On beauty:“Beauty is a very profound word especially on a physical level. What is beautiful to me might not be beautiful to others. In this industry, beauty mostly is about how you look on TV—how slim you are, how tall, how fair your skin is, but no—maybe that's how I saw it when I was a little kid. Now beauty for me is how you see yourself as a person, as a woman, as a part of this society, as a human being. It’s about how confident you are, how comfortable you are with your own skin, how you embrace your weaknesses, how you use strengths, how you inspire—things like these that no matter how harsh people treat you, it doesn't affect you because you know who you are and you are simply proud of it.”

Marina Benipayo, model, beauty queen, actress, and personality development coach On Vice Ganda’s #ProudtobeMe selfie: “As much as we all want to think that criticism or prejudging a person is a given in showbusiness, it actually happens to everyone—showbiz or not. In Vice Ganda’s case, showing his bare face on television symbolized baring of one’s real self, that he has nothing to hide. And probably, when a person becomes tired of reacting or being affected with bad criticism, the next resort would be just to let everything go: Fighting back not with negativity, but rather through openness and acceptance—we cannot control how others see or think of us, but we can control the way we respond and think.”

On beauty: “Beauty is not what is seen by others, but rather, how one sees himself or herself. Hard to do, but fulfilling once discovered.”

Erika Padilla, actress and PBA courtside reporter

On Vice Ganda’s #ProudtobeMe selfie “However way you deliver to reach your goal, whether with your lashes and makeup or with a bare face, naked or with a monkey on your shoulder, if you act with a genuine heart, the truth of your being will radiate, and true beauty will shine and cannot be denied.”

On beauty: “For me true beauty is greatly attributable to self-awareness—knowing your strengths and your weaknesses, understanding that no one is perfect and that's absolutely okay because that's how it's meant to be. Realizing that despite imperfection, still we are undoubtedly complete to serve a unique purpose. Purpose that you will only come to realize if you're willing to be honest with yourself to know what your life should be working on given what you have. At the end of the day, the differences in each of us make us desire different callings that will ultimately make this world fuller and more beautiful. What we want to deeply achieve is an awareness that will make us more confident and courageous to deliver that purpose. And when we strive for that, our true beauty will show.”




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