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The Six Fix: Rose Color Meanings to Take Note of to Avoid Messing Up Your Emotions

The Six Fix: Rose Color Meanings to Take Note of to Avoid Messing Up Your Emotions

Let's take a trip down memory lane: Remember when journalist Atom Araullo had the chance to interview Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach during her homecoming in ABS-CBN and, among all rose colors out there, he gave her blue ones?


Did you know that blue roses actually symbolize unattainability because there are no naturally blue-colored roses (the ones that exist have been created through genetic engineering). They represent something you can’t achieve or can’t have in real life. It’s like saying, “Hanggang pangarap nalang kita.”

So before getting all crazy with kilig when you receive roses, why not get a refresher course on what each color means to avoid misunderstanding the giver's intentions? Here are six of the most popular rose colors and their respective connotations:


1. Romantic Red

What it means: Passion and deep emotions

What he's saying: “I love you” / "You are the one for me”

This is the most popular among all rose colors because since the ancient times, it has been a symbol of love and passion and is associated with Greek goddess Aphrodite. Florists say that when you are given a dozen, it means he wants you to be his woman. 


2. Gentle Pink

What it means: Sweetness and gentleness

What he's saying: “I like you” / “Thank you” / "I wanna know you more"

The word "pink" in Greek is pronounced as /roz/. According to history, these are the earliest kinds of roses cultivated. Since then, it has become a symbol for admiration.


3. Innocent White

What it means: Pure love and new beginnings, mostly associated with weddings

What he's saying:  “My feelings for you are pure” / "I am worthy of you”

According to Reader's Digest, early tradition used white roses to convey true love which then later became the trademark of red roses (most probably because white has since been associated with marriage). If he gives you a dozen or more, he might be saying you are the woman he wants to see walking down the aisle towards him.


4. Platonic Yellow

What it means: Friendship and care

What he's saying:  “I’m happy you are my friend” / “I am proud of you” / “I care for you"

Unless he knows yellow is your favorite color, do not mistake this for something romantic. Expectations unmet hurt, you know that.


5. Bubbly Orange

What it means: Energy, enthusiasm, desire, and fascination

What he's saying:  “I wanna pursue this, us"

If it coincides with you receiving an award, he might also be saying "I'm proud of you." But if you had a fight and he gave you a stem, that means he won't give up until you forgive him.


6. Assorted Colored Roses

What this means: Mixed emotions

What he's saying:  “I can’t understand what I feel but one thing is for sure, you’re the only one who makes me feel this way”

You may take it as romantic or not-so romantic depending on the dominant color, but nevertheless, he is a bit overwhelmed with what he feels for you.


The meanings of these colors are deeply embedded in our culture but it doesn't necessarily convey what your man feels. To be sure, might as well ask him.


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