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Daily Diaries: Can You Handle Working with Your Ex’s Current Partner?

Daily Diaries: Can You Handle Working with Your Ex’s Current Partner?

In an interview with Janice de Belen on Tonight With Boy Abunda which aired last Monday, Janice was asked about how she felt working with her ex-husband’s wife, Priscilla Meirelles. The two actresses both appear on ABS-CBN’s latest morning teleserye, Be My Lady. Janice admitted to feelings of awkwardness at times but also shared their civil relationship with each other; that at the end of the day, it’s really no big deal.

Now if you were put in the same shoes as Janice’s, would you consider working with your ex’s current partner a sticky or a shrug-off situation? If you are currently in that situation and have yet to decide what to feel about it, here are some tips on how you can manage:


Ask yourself. First of all, you really have to ask the hard questions: Am I really okay with this? Can I really handle working with my ex’s current partner? If deep down, you know you really won’t mind, then all good. If, however, you feel uncertain about it, then you might have to rethink your next steps.


Don’t push it. You might have decided that yes, you are fine by it. But be careful not to tread the slippery slope too soon. You might be okay with it but the other party may still have reservations. Wait it out and use your intuition when to proceed.


Maintain your boundaries. The good thing here is that nobody expects you to be friends. And the better part, you really don’t have to be friends. You might decide to stay civil or for people who manage better, stay friendly—but please, maintain your distance if you don’t want to be in an even more awkward situation.  


What do you think are other ways to manage this situation? Do you think you can handle being in this position? Let us know in the comments box below!


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