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Workout Wisdom: Five Really Effective Workouts to Help You Get the Body of Your Dreams

Workout Wisdom: Five Really Effective Workouts to Help You Get the Body of Your Dreams

With the first month of the year about to draw to a close, it’s high time you be honest with yourself: How committed have you been so far with your fitness goals? Have you actually even set fitness goals? While taking the healthy living route is always a choice, we can’t stress enough its importance—it’s got much more to do with your overall well-being that just how look you’ll good in that bikini. But as you also know, being fit doesn’t happen overnight: It’s a continuous, sometimes dragging process—and while it’s oftentimes tedious, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

To make sure you get the most out of your workouts, adhere to this tried-and-tested fitness triangle by no less than uber hot actress and sexy momma Sarah Lahbati herself: Eat healthy, be active, have fun. “Don’t go on a crazy diet and work out insanely at the same time; take your time, and do the workout that’s right for you—find it and stick to it,” advises Sarah, whom we got to chat with at the launch of international fitness platform GuavaPass, a website and app where you get to try an unlimited variety of classes at some of Manila’s best fitness studios (yoga, dance, spinning—name it, they have it). “And eat healthy! It will make you feel good inside and out and it’s gonna help you progress while working out.”

When you enjoy your work out, you wouldn’t have to coerce yourself to hit the gym, the studio, or the track, and in no time, you would’ve gotten that toned body you’ve always wanted—because as they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Sarah shares her top five fave workouts, which all very well match her “work out, have fun” philosophy:


Boxing. “Do it for endurance; the adrenaline rush is also incomparable—I love boxing.” 


Muay Thai. “It’s a bit like boxing but you develop the legs at the same time.”


Dancing. “I love dancing—it’s super fun. I try out different types of dances.”


Strength training. “This is very important, you can’t just do cardio all the time. You need to strengthen your muscles and your core so you don’t get sick and you can be strong. I love being strong so I’m capable of doing what I wanna do.”


Swimming/running/biking. “I do each on its own, I’ve never tried the combination but that’s part of my to do list.”


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