#PiaWurtzbachInManila: Candid Pia Gamely Answers Questions from Twitter Fans

#PiaWurtzbachInManila: Candid Pia Gamely Answers Questions from Twitter Fans

From naming who the one celebrity who she thinks will win Miss Universe and her girl crush to her favorite Filipino food and what she looks for in a guy, Pia Wurtzbach revealed all her passions, desires, aspirations, and yes, the phone that she uses and the qualities of an ideal presidentiable in an intimate Q&A with fans on Twitter, organized by the microblogging site itself under the hashtag #AskMissUniverse.

You’ll be amazed with how candid, game, and honest she was in answering questions from the Twitterverse, some come as a pleasant surprise, others a wonderful confirmation, and the rest splendid facts about who Pia really is without wearing that crown and off the stage or klieg lights. Her singing lines from her favorite Drake song was truly adorable.

Here are some of the best questions and the awesome responses from Queen P:

Qualities of a president



Hardest part in preparing for the Miss Universe pagent



Dream destination



Ideal guy



Guilty pleasure





Fave Pinoy food



Favorite quote






Favorite gadget



Celebrity who can be Miss Universe



Girl crush



Favorite Drake Song


Greatest asset


Coffee or tea?


Fries or squats?



Inviting Miss USA



True love or the crown?


Leading man





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