Design Tips: Transform Your Shelves Into Works of Art

Design Tips: Transform Your Shelves Into Works of Art



A simple shelf at home can make a big difference in beautifying a space, especially if it is decorated well. Check out the things that you have at home and the stuff that you have collected throughout the years, and you may find items that would make your shelf an interesting and functional space to complement your home style.

Metro Home & Entertaining transformed a simple home shelf into a more purposeful and interesting-looking piece of furniture by mixing in items owned by a passionate traveler. Travel books, souvenirs—decorative and artsy ceramic and wooden items—and travel photos can truly add character to a shelf.



Design Smarts:

1. Choose a specific theme that is relevant to you or your family. Be creative in displaying these things that show your interests or your family’s favorite bonding activities.

2. Consider creating a shelf that show people what you are truly passionate about.

3. Place a mixture of things on the shelf that brings back happy memories. Travel books, souvenirs and photos characterize Metro Home & Entertaining’s travel-themed shelf.

Martine De Luna, mommy blogger and website consultant, says that moms can easily decorate a home shelf without spending a fortune. Transform a simple home shelf into a console that is not only beautiful but also functional as an organizer.

With her blog,, Martine was able to create a community for work-at home moms. She says that her blog’s name is simply a declaration that you can make the most of what you have and be grateful for it.

Martine suggests repurposing things when decorating a simple home console shelf. A stay-at-home mom who works as a blog and content marketing consultant, her choice of items on her home shelf is a mixture of colorful dried flowers, decorative storage boxes and her favorite books about women entrepreneurs, homemaking, business, and blogging.

Getting inspiration is also important as it fuels creativity. Martine says she gets some inspiration and tips from a book entitled The Nesting Place: It does not have to be perfect to be beautiful by Myquillyn Smith, and by reading magazines like Kinfolk, Anthology, and the Grid.

According to Martine, it is important for us to remember that “the home is not just a place to crash but it is a place to dwell in and be your whole self.” She also believes that when buying things for your home, it is important to make sure that the items serve a purpose that is both functional and beautiful.

The key is to stick to minimal but beautiful things as decorating your home properly also means considering proper editing since there is no need to add clutter to your life.



Martine De Luna’s Design Smarts

1. Repurpose and work with things that you have at home.

2. Look for some inspiration by reading books, magazines, blogs and looking at photos on Pinterest.

3. Be creative and place things that add character to your home shelf.


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Original article from Metro Home Vol. 12 No. 1, written by Tess Raymundo. Photographs by Jar Concengco and Jovel Lorenzo. Check out more exciting stories in the latest issue of Metro Home, now out in major bookstores. Metro Home is available in bookstores and on newsstands for P200. Download the Metro Home Magazine app for access to all digital editions on your tablet or smartphone, available in Zinio. Like Metro Home on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@MetroHomeAndEntertaining).





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