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Five Fool-Proof Tips to Have Your Best Summer Vacation Ever

Five Fool-Proof Tips to Have Your Best Summer Vacation Ever

 Travel is a fulfilling reward for surviving the draining grind of life. As you slug through cups of coffee and suffer through the hour-long commute, take comfort in the fact that summer is near! Get ready for five-day weekends and quick getaways!

Here are a few key pointers for when you plan your trips in the next few months:

Do your research

It’s always helpful when you know something about the place you’re visiting. Take note of useful phrases in the local language, know their customs, check out the best tourist spots, and look for reasonably priced places to stay in. Do your homework to maximize your time, money and energy!

Save up

Whether it’s stashing away the company bonus or scrimping on weekly expenses, saving up for a trip lessens credit card shock after you return. Another tip? Pay for hotels, flights, tours in staggered stages, months before you leave!



Expect the unexpected

You might meet new friends, fall in love, encounter a storm, get lost and discover new hobbies – the possibilities are endless when you travel. Just prepare your heart for the best (or the worst) that may come, and up your sense of adventure!

Fly smart

Book a flight during seat sales. Sign up for airline promo alerts. Book direct flights. With the many options these days, it’s up to you to fly smart. Low airfares can give you more money to spend on tours, hotels and food.

Cebu Pacific recently launched three direct routes that can give you faster flights and cheaper fares. Manila-Fukuoka flights can be a more affordable way to explore a new Japan destination, and see those cherry blossoms up close. Cebu-Taipei flights and Davao-Singapore flights also give travelers the convenience of flying direct to a summer vacation to remember.



Plan while you’re mobile

Traveling with friends? Shoot out ideas and share links using Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp. Save useful articles for offline reading with Pocket. Take a screenshot of all your important travel documents, and email them to yourself. Planning trips in between dreary meetings can up the excitement for your trip!

Claim this epic summer, and have a blast!


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Photographs from Cebu Pacific and Singapore Tourism Board




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