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Style Speak: Why You Should Let Your Personal Style Shine in Every Outfit of Yours

Style Speak: Why You Should Let Your Personal Style Shine in Every Outfit of Yours

Over the weekend, we had the chance to witness primetime superstar Nadine Lustre topbill the very first live magazine cover shoot experience in the country: Decked in summer’s best (magazines work at least a couple of months in advance to produce an issue), she was so at ease at working it in front of the camera, for the shoot of her Metro cover at the "CreamSilk Transformations: Spotlight on the Modern Filipina" event—even if there were hundreds of onlookers. It’s already a challenge to pose effortlessly for shoots, but the pressure doubles when you have so many people watching you; Nadine, though, just nailed it.

“Nadine was such a trooper, she had no issues with shooting with a live audience—not only is she very model-like, she commands attention and performed while we were actually shooting her. She was very game and also understood the concept immediately,” shares Metro Fashion Editor Eldzs Mejia. Since the shoot was in line with their March Summer Issue, the look Eldzs put together was primarily inspired by a surfer’s end-of-day beach outfit. He opted for light pieces like linen pants, a printed jacket, and a crocheted haltered bikini top.

Nadine working it in front of photographer Melson Bolongaita's lens.


While that fresh summer vibe was a major factor in the styling, Eldzs also notes that the overall look was inspired by Nadine herself. “I knew there was a bangin' body underneath her usual dresses so I wanted to showcase Nadine in a different light but I also didn’t want to go far from her personal style.” Hence the colorful cover, which is as refreshing and vibrant as Nadine’s personality and style sensibilities. Since the live shoot was indoors, Metro put together a set to replicate a surf shack. Completing Nadine’s modern beach girl look were soft beach waves, natural-looking silky glossy skin, contrasted with bold wingtip eye makeup.

While countless celebrities and personalities take great time and effort to glam up and put together highly fashionable ensembles, Nadine sashays through the runway that is life armed with a no-nonsense, fresh style M.O. Hers is so effortlessly real and fab that it has inspired Eldzs’ cover vision, and a testament to the fact that we should never let our true sense of style be drowned in the sea of trends, must-wears, and must-buys. Trends are trends for a reason—they come and go, and while some transcend the test of time, most are fleeting, so it’s crucial to discover who you really are and what you want no matter how many new looks you’re tempted with every season.

Nadine sharing a light moment with her go-to makeup artist Jelly Eugenio.


We advocate experimenting with trends, yes, but not to the point that you lose yourself in the process. You don’t have to try each and every one; let your personal style shine in every outfit of yours and just incorporate a few pieces or details from the latest fashion must-dos. As with anything, it’s key to have a good grasp of who you are and what you want to look like when it comes to fashion so you don’t end up buying things that don’t actually work and you don’t actually like. Knowing your personal style (this quiz can help) will help make it easier for you to dress up in the morning, to get the best deals during sales, and to make a good impression on anyone and everyone.

Clothing may only be one aspect of our lives, but it’s one that greatly affects the others: We are most often than not judged by how we look, so we must care. Not to the point of conforming to the norm or breaking the bank to get the best and the latest pieces, of course, but rather, to presenting ourselves to the world in ensembles that reflect who we are (looking sloppy will make others think you’re actually sloppy in general). Why fit it when you can stand out? The ones that are best remembered are those who have the lethal combination of style and substance, after all—look good on the inside and the outside and see how everything changes for you, modern Filipina.


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Photographs by Ryan Ong




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