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#PiaWurtzbachInManila: The Beauty and Her True Besties

#PiaWurtzbachInManila: The Beauty and Her True Besties

Friends? Pia Wurtzbach surely has gained a lot of them with her current reign as Miss Universe.

But how about true friends, her besties, who really helped her up when she was at her lowest and cheered her on as she stood up and triumphed? Pia has a heralded few she never forgets through thick and thin, even if she has become the most celebrated woman in the world.

For these closest friends, Pia always has time, attention, and importance just like family, appreciating all the support they’ve given throughout her journey—from the time she started as an ABS-CBN kid talent and her teen acting days to working as a model and persistently joining beauty contests, even if she lost two consecutive Binibining Pilipinas pageants, and eventually becoming the Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe!

From those short chats over coffee to maybe adventurous escapades wherever, Pia would always become the happy, serene person that she is, enjoying each second of their company, and emerging as a revitalized person ready for the world. And indeed, she was, conquering a contest that eluded us for over four decades.

After all, Pia is always the appreciative and supportive person to them, just like what they are to her. Yes, it’s downright mutual.

Who are these most beloved besties Pia can’t live without?

Nina Almoro

Nina is one special person who shares Pia’s passion for the culinary arts. From their childhood roots to being classmates in culinary school, Pia and Nina had been inseparable. Now a chef by profession and a restaurateur, Nina would always be that dedicated bestie for Pia, whether it is for fun moments in the chef’s kitchen or actually being the driver for the Queen in some joyful trips. 

She always encouraged Pia to face her battles. On that final moment before her send-off, Nina shared to ABS-CBN News that Pia had last-moment apprehensions, which she debunked. “Sabi ko, go!”

Harley Tan

Although the nature of their friendship had been professional because he had helped Pia gain modeling gigs and shots at beauty pageants after her stint as a teen actress, Harley has since been Pia’s trusted friend and confidant. He had always been there for Pia since she was a struggling model, even offering shelter for the Cagayan de Oro native when she needed a place to stay.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Harley reveals Pia’s distinctive trait he always knew ever since—that she would not take defeat as a real setback, but an opportunity to become better. He said Pia showed this when she joined Binibining Pilipinas pageants one after another. “Sobrang gusto niyang sumali pagkatapos mag-first runner up siya (when she failed to win in the 2013 Binibining Pilipinas pageant), as in kinabukasan, sasali siya uli.”

Ace Bright

Pia and Ace have been so close since our Queen’s Star Magic days when Ace worked as a segment producer for ABS-CBN. Since then, they’ve always found time to share their special friendship.   He actually went to Las Vegas and New York to cheer on his friend and celebrate her victory. They had Christmas dinner together with a photo Ace shared on his Instagram showing a bare-faced Pia, still looking so radiant and stunning.

Ace told ABS-CBN News he always believed in Pia eventually winning the Miss Universe crown and gave her encouraging words that fueled her drive. “Alam mo maganda ka, matalino ka. You have lahat eh. All the package nasa iyo na,” Ace recalled motivating Pia to focus on winning the Miss Universe crown without any doubts about her chances. And, the rest was history.

Pauleen Luna

Pia and Pauleen were the best of friends since first walking the halls of ABS-CBN Talent Center as kid trainees part of Star Circle Batch 11.  Pauleen shared those moments when they ate together at a MiniStop outlet near ABS-CBN because they had “little money” and those instances when they waited long hours, if not the whole day, just to shoot a few minutes for a bit role. Since those days, it seemed their friendship even got stronger as Pia will have an important role in Pauleen’s upcoming wedding to Vic Sotto, which Pia even prioritized during her current visit.

In an Instagram post, Pauleen said: "It's so nice to know that we've both come so far. We're both blessed, in our own way, and I must say, 2015 is both our year! I am very glad also that you have found a deep relationship with the Lord. CONGRATULATIONS MISS UNIVERSE! I am equally proud of you before as I am proud of you now. You have such a good and kind heart. You totally deserve this! Congratulations P! Love you!"

Now that she's back, albeit for just over a week, these ties will surely become sturdier and robust for all to treasure, appreciate and enjoy.

We can tell all the tales of these awesome friends Pia was really lucky to have. But what is even more outstanding is how Pia became that incredible friend to them, too; how she never forgets and treats them the same special way through the years.

Indeed, for her part, Pia is one real bestie anyone would be so lucky and blessed to have.

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