The Six Fix: DIY Living Room Ideas To Create A Vibe that Will Surely Impress Your Guests

The Six Fix: DIY Living Room Ideas To Create A Vibe that Will Surely Impress Your Guests

Next to your home's entrance, it's your living room's appearance and layout that is one of the initial determining factors on whether or not your guests will be impressed with your abode. While there are many ways you can dress up your living room, here are six fun do-it-yourself pieces of furniture and decorative items you can create that would transform your living room to a unique, cozy space that will impress your guests and make them feel right at home (no need to splurge!):


1. A globe-trotting tableDo your parents have those old-fashioned and worn out suitcases (specifically the hard case type) that's just gathering dust? You can choose to refurbish them by reupholstering the suitcase’s interior, and adding a set of legs to turn it into a side table for your living room. Your guests will be intrigued at the presence of such a suitcasewhat better way to showcase your jet-setting personality?


2. Spool in some books. Tired of the typical book storage under a regular table? Make your book haven out-of-the-box by repurposing a cable spool. Just add wooden dowels and caster wheels, and you have yourself a movable table that also acts as a book carousel. This project is good for showcasing your inner bookworm to your guests.


3. Swing it! If you want a sleek lamp without spending too much on designer ones, this project is for you. You can easily mount these lamps in any corner, and its overall design emits a dash of elegance and class to your living room. Pair this lamp with your spool table, and voila, a great reading nook for your guests as they lounge in your house.


4. Give that coffee table a twist! Thinking of clever ideas to dress up that good 'ol coffee table of yours? Turn it into an ottoman by adding upholstery (and some fancy prints)! Aside from making your coffee table prettier, you also get to make it more functional as it turns into a chair—a true savior when you find that your seating arrangements needs help because you suddenly have too many guests.


5. From crates to chairs. Another way you can have additional ottoman chairs without spending too much is by using old milk crates. With the help of some plywood and upholstery (and of course carpentry skills or the services of a carpenter), you get a nice rustic ottoman appropriate for your receiving area .


6. Art through lyrics. If you are a music junkie and love expressing yourself using song lyrics, here’s a creative way you can showcase your favorite music to your guests: Print them on canvas, then hang on the wall or prop up on a table.



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