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The Six Fix: Work Hacks that Make for Best Practices

The Six Fix: Work Hacks that Make for Best Practices

In a book called Never Confuse a Memo with Reality, author Richard Moran illustrates 361 nuggets of wisdom curated from mere observations he had at work. Some of these, he even considers, are “business lessons too simple not to know.” And sure, you might already be doing well at work. But it doesn’t hurt to try these six notable work hacks:


1. Write down ideas—they get lost like good pens. Is it your G-TEC or your Parker? But should you happen to find your pen, make sure to write down your ideas as they can vanish quickly the same way they come.


2. If your desk faces the door, don’t look up every time someone passes. We know it can be a challenge, especially when you’re waiting for your crush to walk by. But perhaps, resisting the urge can mean diverting more of your time working than moving your head up and down.


3. Never apologize for an idea that didn’t work—but always admit a mistake. Ideas, even the bad ones, are good because they simply represent an attempt at something. Some may work better than the others but Moran believes you shouldn’t have to apologize for it. Admitting to a mistake, however, is highly encouraged.


4. Take vacations and long weekends. Never let vacation time expire. Don’t think for a second that people who take vacations off work just want to escape the load and have fun for the heck of it. Taking a much-needed time away from the office blues is actually part of being able to come back with renewed energy, more productivity, and fresher ideas.


5. Worry more about implementation than strategy—it’s harder to do. Sometimes the ideas come rushing to you and when you’re lucky, these ideas make for brilliant work strategies. Now, does that translate to brilliant execution? Not necessarily. So, focus on that.


6. Never go to more than two meetings a day or you will never get anything done. Meetings are completely fine so long as you get to accomplish why the meeting was called for in the first place. Otherwise, it can be just a complete waste of time that won’t let you get your work done.


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