Home Smart: Now You’re Cooking: How to Navigate the New Open Kitchen

Home Smart: Now You’re Cooking: How to Navigate the New Open Kitchen



CAT: I was invited to the opening of a kitchen showroom, and it just blew my mind. Some of them even have a little living room as well as a breakfast nook.

MS. DEMEANOUR: Oh yes, the new kitchens are nothing short of modern marvels. It’s almost as if they crossed a sci-fi ship with a romcom movie set.

CAT: When I was younger, my mother very distinctly told me that the kitchen and the bedrooms were private, and that I was not to enter them. But with all these open kitchens, I don’t know if I should pitch in with the cooking or just keep the hostess entertained with the latest news.

MS. DEMEANOUR: I didn’t even know such rules existed. There are those who don’t mind if people share in the chopping and slicing, and those who just want to do things their own way, and yet still want to join in with all the fun of catching up.

CAT: Well, nothing beats just asking first before you whip up your specialty on the spot.

MS. DEMEANOUR: As the cliché goes, too many cooks spoil the broth.

CAT: There is another cliché: many hands make light work.

MS. DEMEANOUR: Or all’s well that ends well. Whether there is one cook, or many, what counts is that everyone is full after the meal is served.


Gentle Reminders:

• Always ask first if the host wants assistance.

• Do not open drawers or cupboards on your own.

• Make sure to compliment the food, especially if you know that it is homemade.

• Do not insist that they give you the recipe, as some families are quite territorial or secretive about their recipes.


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