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The Six Fix: New Music Artists to Save You From Getting Annoyed When Stuck in Traffic

The Six Fix: New Music Artists to Save You From Getting Annoyed When Stuck in Traffic

Instant access to music nowadays, is as natural as breathing for all of us, and more than just having a smorgasboard of tunes at our disposal, this access makes it is easier for us to develop our personal tastes as we discover new artists and new genres along the way. Thanks to technology, broadening our musical preferences has become one fun and easy experience. No need to drop by record stores to search for new music!

And since it is the New Year, we're giving you six artists, all available in this digital world we all go crazy over, that will help brighten up even the gloomiest of days. Who knows, you might like them that much that they'll become part of your "Songs to Help Me Survive EDSA traffic" playlist:



Korean Pop music is more than just all-boy and all-girl groups, as this Korean R&B singer can very well attest to. Dean may very well be Korea's Usher, what with his soulful and sensual songs reminscent of the American music star's hits. His smooth singing is the perfect background for those dates and bonding sessions with your special someone. Quick trivia: DEAN has written songs for Korean boyband EXO, who recently had a two-day concert here in the Philippines.

Listen to: I Love It


2. Zara Larsson

Sweden is a known haven for producing great pop singers (ABBA, among others), with Zara Larsson being the latest addition to this roster of up-and-coming artists from the Nordic region. From winning in Sweden’s local version of Got Talent in 2008 to garnering certified platinum EPs and singles, she's now taking the (digital) airwaves by storms with songs that touch the heart in the deepest places. She'll surely be loved by Filipinos, just like how we loved other Swedish artists like Roxette and Tove Lo.

Listen To: Uncover


3. Alessia Cara

You may be familiar with her single “Here”, which is being played in local radio stations, and you’ll like her style for a good reason: Even though her songs are party songs, they are more of the chill type, which is perfect for those lounge sessions with friends and officemates after office hours. If you are a fan of New Zealand singer Lorde, Alessia Cara will be your new favorite.

Listen To: Here 


4. Sekai No Owari

Looking for fresh electronica music from Japan? This creative foursome is your cup of tea, with catchy pop songs that will make any occasion and moment (working out or your daily commute) and activity more exciting. These boys are better seen performing live, complete with elaborate stage designs and spontaneous on-stage antics. Round out your KPop boy band 'it'list with If you this.

Listen To: Mr. Heartache


5. Alfa

Amidst the popularity of EDM music, there is still those who love laidback acoustic music, and Alfa fits this category. Born in the Philippines to a family of music lovers, Alfa has loved music and songwriting, and this former journalist has a knack for crafting songs from stories ranging from numbers to tragic love stories. If you love Juris Fernandez-Lim’s singing (both as lead vocalist of MYMP and as a solo artist), you should consider adding Alfa to your playlist.

Listen To: Blue


6. LunchMoney Lewis 

If you are looking for some feel-good hip hop music sans profanity, this young artist from Miami, Florida is worth considering for your playlist. His uplifting spirt, seen through his work, is a fresh approach towards hip hop music, proving that the genre is more than just drugs, violence, and opulence. LunchMoney Lewis’ work is a good way of introducing hip hop music to the youth.

Have been LSS-ing on Pharrell’s “Happy”? We would happily recommend LunchMoney Lewis for you.

Listen to: Bills


You can listen to these artists through their YouTube accounts, and through music streaming services such as Spotify and Guvera.


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