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Dining Delight: Finally, An After-Work Hangout Place That Will Make You Chill for Real

Dining Delight: Finally, An After-Work Hangout Place That Will Make You Chill for Real

After a hectic and toxic day in the office, don’t we all just want to unwind and relax before heading home (and maybe, hopefully, get to avoid traffic in the process)? If your workplace is in the BGC area, you surely won't have a hard time finding a legit place to wine and dine—but to find one that will actually give you that homey vibe without making you fall asleep, can be quite a challenge. A lot of cozy places have the tendency to make you want to actually lounge around and doze off; this pub along 7th Avenue, though, will allow you to relax for real and indulge in good food and drinks and great conversations with friends at the same time.

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with the concept: In 1991, the gastro pub, also called British pub, was used to label a drinking establishment that offers more alcoholic drinks and less food. But later on, this traditional concept was changed by the addition of British food items such as meat pies, burgers, steaks, and chili con carne, among others. Now, a gastro pub or pub grub is defined as a place offering high-end food and drinks.

The fantastic news is, you don’t need to shell out that much anymore to have have your fill of top of the line pub cuisine. Hungry Hound Pub + Kitchen offers a hippie and casual gastro ambiance with its wooden interiors, leather seats, and intimate lighting, a wide screen HD television perfect for watching sports league, and of course, an elaborate menu jampacked with mouth-watering dishes that can pass even the most discriminating palate. And with Chef Mikko Reyes now in charge of the kitchen, customers are guaranteed to have a hearty and well-balanced meal.

This young executive chef might have discovered his culinary passion only in his 20s, but just a few years in and he already has his own way of putting twists to classics, which paved the way for the exciting revamp of the Hound's menu. He injected a bit of Asian to the British dishes offered in the pub and made sure the menu is diverse so "there's always something for someone, no matter what mood you're in," he says in an interview.


Thai Tuna Tartare. This appetizer will surely entice your tastebuds with the unusually amazing combination of tuna and chicharon jazzed up with mango bits and spices.


Foie Grilled Cheese. Two layers of foie sandwiched with tomato jam and gruyere cheese in perfectly toasted ciabatta might just be your next favorite.


36-hour Shortribs. As the name implies, these chosen cuts of short ribs are sumptuously cooked for a day and a half to achieve that juicy, tender, and flavorful dining delight. If you are a steak lover, this is a must try.


Open-Faced Corned Beef. This slice of sourdough topped with authentic corned beef, poached egg, and onions, plus fries on the side can already fill an empty stomach because of its ingredients that are rich in protein and carbohydrates. Unlike other sandwiches, this one can pass as a main course.


Sweet Potato Gnocchi. For pasta lovers, you might just want to try this one. It may not look like a pasta dish but yes, it is. Instead of noodles and sauce, it has sweet potato or kamote, enoki mushroom, ricotta, and pouched egg. Amazingly delicious and healthy with a kick of sweetness!


Niner Ichi Nana's Smoked Old Fashioned


After filling your stomach with their exquisite hot meals, treat yourself to a cocktail of your choice from Niner Ichi Nana, just beside Hungry Hound. Sounds intriguing? The name means 9-1-7 (9 is niner, 1 is ichi, and 7 is nana), Globe Tower’s address, which is their location.

La Loca


Niner serves classic drinks and offers carefully crafted mixed drinks that fit your mood and preference. You can even ask the bartender to make your own 'bespoke' mix. Erwan Heussaff himself crafted the mixes on the menu and if you happen to catch him bartending, he can personally mix yours, too. Aside from the drinks, its intimate ambiance with just the right music--a mix of pop, rock, alternative in a volume not too loud, is perfect for souls who want to just relax and drink their night out.

Mai Tai

Intimate ambiance, mouth-watering food that's worth the money, and refreshing and invigorating drinks, all that what we look for to relieve the stress away, can be found in Hungry Hound and Niner Ichi Nana. With these two, you can now chill for real after working hard as steel.



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Photographs by Vyn Radovan




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