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The Six Fix: Movies that Will Make You Rethink Your Career Game Plan

The Six Fix: Movies that Will Make You Rethink Your Career Game Plan

If clocking in and clocking out is your only memory after a day of work, then you’re in the wrong room. Our jobs are supposed to fuel our passions, make us feel happy and contented. And if it’s not enlightening you in anyway, maybe it’s time to make that drastic change. 

Want to know if your inner passionate self can still be revived? Then sit on the couch and watch these flicks to help you reassess if you are where you want to be:


1. Devil Wears PradaThere’s more to this film than the striking fashion transformation of Andy Sachs or the iconic terror of a boss, Miranda Priestly. Aside from drooling over those designer clothes, Devil Wears Prada also teaches us how to quit complaining and just do our tasks exceptionally.

Yes, that profession of yours may not be your ‘dream job’ but there’s no sense in whining about your under-appreciation or your seemingly impossible tasks. It’s either you give your all to impress your boss or you quit. Right now.

P.S. Please don’t ask for your boss’ high praises. Just because they don’t say it out loud doesn’t mean your hard work goes unnoticed.  


2. Legally BlondeYou don’t have to be that typical smart-looking, all-knowing person with exceptional grades to be successful. Greatness is a work in progress, not a destiny. Who would have thought that a sorority leader and uber chic Elle Woods can conquer the legal system in style?

Your long list of achievements won’t entitle you your most coveted position, but your heart brimming with passion can. Next time you belittle yourself because of your so-called inabilities, make sure your grounds are enough.


3. Cinema ParadisoApparently, everything has a price. You cannot give your 100% attention to your dream if you’re still stuck in your comfort zone. Dream big, discover new worlds, start from scratch, take risks and take the world by storm!

Each of us needs an Alfredo in our life – that someone who will push us to reach for greater heights and turn dreams into reality. The question is, are you brave enough to leave everything behind or will you kill your passionate self by sticking with your comfy lifestyle?


4. Three IdiotsHow long are you gonna pressure yourself to become someone you’re really not? While this film well-represents the funny and crazy stories we share with our best pals, Three Idiots also shows us why we should chase after something we really love.

There’s more to life than fulfilling others’ idea of the ‘ideal career’. At the end of the day, you only have yourself to please. Are you really enjoying your life or you’re just trying to convince yourself so you won’t feel miserable and empty inside? 


5. Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryNever give up your golden ticket. Money only talks if you allow it to get inside your head. If Charlie sold his once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the most talked about chocolate factory in the whole world, he would still be that poor boy with nothing but dreams. 

Missing golden chances like getting the job you truly desire just so you can stay with your high-paying 'career'? If your fat paycheck determines your life-changing decisions, you better think twice.


6. Citizen KanePower, if handled wrongly, can ruin you in many ways. After succeeding in your chosen field of endeavor, make sure you’re not losing your sense of humanity.

Make your name be remembered because of the how you positively touch other people’s lives, not the other way around. Your big empire and huge bank account don't make fo happy, fulfilling lives if you end up alone and unloved.


Your life depends on your smart decisions. Years from now, make sure that what you've chosen today will be the main reason of your hapiness tomorrow. 


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Illustration by Jana Jimenez




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