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The Roundup: 10 Chinese Films that Will Make Us Filipinos Understand their Culture Better

The Roundup: 10 Chinese Films that Will Make Us Filipinos Understand their Culture Better

There's so much more to Chinese culture than Feng Shui, and even if you aren't Chinese you can actually learn to appreciate the language and culture because they're pretty similar to ours. Don't know where to start? Check out the films that will be shown at this year’s Spring Film Festival from January 29 to February 7, which tell stories that even us Filipinos can relate to:


Coming Home

A film that will remind us of the Martial law period, this movie tells the story of a couple forced apart as the husband becomes a political prisoner during the Cultural Revolution, which occurred from 1966 to 1976. Those born from the Martial Law era can relate to the story, as it showcases oppression during China’s days under Mao Zedong.


Qiu Xi

While Coming Home focused on China’s Cultural Revolution era, Qui Xi, on the other hand, focuses on the wartime-era China of the 1940s. This movie tackles forbidden love during the war, as a Chinese servant ends up falling in love with an undercover communist agent. Being on different sides, their love for each other remain distant.


Angel Vera

Based on a true story, Angel Vera follows the life of an 8-year old Italian girl and her quest to become a Beijing opera performer, amidst cultural differences. The audience will love this story as it showcases the importance of determination and perseverance in achieving one’s dreams.


Wild Horse

Those who have watched (or are familiar) with Thelma will be familiar with the storyline of Wild Horse. In this movie, Shangri-la’s fastest boy puts his talents to the test as he competes in a marathon to pay for his younger sister’s impending heart operation.


East Wind Rain

East Wind Rain provides a different look at the events leading to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The movie focuses on the perspective of spies who work hard in deciphering Japan’s plans of bombing Pearl Harbor, and deliver intel to their respective bosses.


All that Summer

With issues regarding reproductive health and unplanned pregnancies being major topics in the Philippines, this movie centered on a pregnant woman, who is abandoned by her former lover is very timely. She gets a second chance at love as she meets a young man who makes her believe in love again.


Full Circle

In classic You Only Live Once (YOLO) fashion, two retired bus drivers ditch their boring lives for the escapade of a lifetime with fellow senior citizens. Who ever said that old people can’t have the time of their lives?


Back to 1942

How much are you willing to sacrifice for your people? A massive famine, coupled with the ongoing war with the Japanese, puts Master Fan’s life to the test, as he would lose not just food and resources, but also family members, during this most trying time of his journey.


Say Yes

While blind dates may go wrong at times, this romantic comedy looks at the possible mishaps in a different light. Say Yes teaches its audience to accept the past, be persevering in love, and make the best decisions when it comes to crucial choices for the future.


Lost in Thailand

While the Philippines and China are fighting over the ownership of the Spratlys, Lost in Thailand is a comedic take on two rivals fighting over new technology that will benefit their businesses. Only god knows what can possibly go wrong given their intense competition.


Catch these films from January 29 to February 7 at Cinema 4, EDSA Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City. You can check out the schedules of the films here.


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