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The Six Fix: Questions You Repeatedly Answer When You Travel Solo

The Six Fix: Questions You Repeatedly Answer When You Travel Solo

Having done a fair share of solo travels both locally and internationally, I always get asked questions. Some, I’m more excited to answer; and some, all too familiar I know the answer to word per word. Here are the top questions that just come like a broken record every time I travel solo:


1. Mag-isa ka lang? Di nga? Talaga? Yes. I travel alone. And yes, for real. And yes, I’m certain. Sometimes, the idea of traveling solo is still foreign to some that you’d just see disbelief all over their faces. It’s the 21st century, guys. Come on. You can go anywhere by yourself should you want to. Learning to take trips to the bathroom without your girls should be a good way to start.


2. Hindi ba delikado? This question is something that I still struggle to answer up to now. I mean who can completely answer this kind of question? Any place or situation can present danger whether you’re alone or with company. Anyone’s best answer and option is to recognize you don’t know when danger is coming but that you shall stay alert and vigilant at all times.


3. Kala ko mag-isa ka lang? Sino kasama mo sa pictures? Again, yes I went alone. Why is it that so hard to believe? The people I’m usually with in photos are the nice people I meet at the hostel or on the bus because yes, that’s what you do when you travel—make friends on the road.


4. Hindi ba mas mahal? I think this is rather a valid question because you know what they say, “It’s cheaper by the dozen.” The answer to this really boils down, though, to how you travel and not in how many people you travel with. If you’re one to splurge on hotel accommodations or business class flights, then yes, your travel is going to cost you heaps. If, however, you’re into backpacking and don’t mind staying in clean mixed dormitories, then you have saved enough already.


5. Sino nagpi-picture sayo? Anyone who has ever asked this probably hasn’t seen a selfie stick that comes in different colors. But in all seriousness, it can really be anyone from a random passerby to a handsome stranger. And perhaps when I’m feeling more techie, it’s got to be the GoPro.


6. Bakit mag-isa ka lang? By far the most asked question and understandably so, people are curious by nature as to why someone travels alone. Is it for soul-searching? Is it because of a breakup? This question is then often followed by, “Saan boyfriend mo? Bakit di mo sinama?” etc. It might feel awkward being asked these questions (specially if indeed you just came from a messy breakup) but if you like the company you keep which is yourself, then you can confidently answer this, and everything is right in the world. 


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