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Thoughts by Men for Women: What Changed in Women Today From Five Years Ago

Thoughts by Men for Women: What Changed in Women Today From Five Years Ago

Have you seen noticeable changes in women today as compared to women half a decade ago? We’ve asked men what they think and here’s what they have to say:


"A change in priorities. Before it was relationships, now they’re more career-driven." – JC, 24


"Enhancement in physical aesthetics. More women resort to surgery these days. May it be breast, nose, and butt—name it." – Allan, 25


"[More are] into an active lifestyle. I do notice women are getting more into active sports, like boxing."  – Jason, 32


"[Their] Inclination to art. Mas open-minded sila ngayon in terms of artworks. Mas na-aapreciate nila ang artworks ngayon." – Ralph, 29


"Empowered. Women are more empowered today especially on things that they want like career and school choices." – Paul, 20


"Assertive. More outspoken and brutally honest. They don’t mince words anymore, they’re more straightforward. There’s less ambiguity in what they say." – JL, 37


"Free to express. Mas liberated sila ngayon, mas risky din sila. They’re more fully expressive as compared to before." – Jay, 35 


"Confidently fashionable. They are more confident because of the way they wear their clothes. You see women wear short shorts now, and it’s considered fashionable." – Bojo, 42


So ladies, what do you have to say for yourself? Do you agree? 


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